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Avalanche Extreme released as a Universal Binary

Dracosoft is excited to announce that Avalanche Extreme, Dracosoft’s newest game, is now built as a Universal Binary. This update allows Avalanche Extreme to run natively on Intel Macs. This update also included improved graphics and numerous minor bug fixes.

Avalanche Extreme is an addictive arcade/puzzle game. As the Avalanche rapidly approaches, you must destroy it as quickly as possible. Use bombs and combine bonuses for increased enjoyment.

Click on three or more matching blocks to destroy portions of the Avalanche. The more blocks destroyed the more points earned. Beware; the Avalanche is quickly gaining speed. Used color bombs to destroy similar colored portions of the Avalanche and black bombs to destroy giant areas. Blizzard items and frozen bombs make Avalanche Extreme more exciting than ever. Add point bonuses and the ability to build them up and you have one super addictive game.

Take Avalanche to the Extreme!